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The Model TA is a belt mis-alignment control that provides an indication when a conveyor belt has drifted off to a dangerous misalignment condition. The output contacts of the Model TA can control up to two separate circuits, one for machinery shutdown and one for an alarm.

The Model TA is relatively inexpensive protection that provides benefit by saving the time, money, and labor associated with replacing a damaged conveyor belt.

  • The housing is cast aluminum. The general purpose units are rated NEMA Type 4/4X weatherproof and corrosion-resistant, and NEMA Type 5 dust-tight.
  • The roller is a highly visible red polyester powder coated roller of 1-1/4″ diameter with white nylon bushings on each end.
  • The unit is mounted on the conveyor by drilling (3) 13/32″ diameter holes.
  • General purpose (weatherproof) has (1) 3/4″ NPT conduit opening.
  • Unpowered SP/DT microswitch(es) rated for 20A @ 120 VAC, 240VAC, and 480 VAC; 1/2 amp at 125 VDC and 1/4 amp at 250 VDC.
  • The roller arm can move up to 90 degrees in either direction. Roller is spring loaded to automatically reset itself.
  • Ambient Temperature Rating 40°C (104°F), Functional Ambient Temperature -50°C to 40°C (-58°F to 104°F).
  • The general purpose controls are IP65 compliant.
  • cULus certified.

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