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Evolved from over 35 years of experience with level controls, it’s the finest electro-mechanical indicator available.

The Model CR is designed for use in the aggregate, mining, chemical, plastics and other bulk-handling industries. It functions as a perpetual sentinel, monitoring storage bins and eliminating such nagging problems as material overflow, empty bins, abnormally high or low levels, plugged chutes, jammed conveyors and damaged equipment.

Operation of the Model CR is surprisingly simple.  A paddle sensor is connected to a low torque, 5 watt synchronous motor. This sensor rotates continuously inside the bin at a slow 1 RPM.  When the paddle meets the resistance of accumulated material it transfers its torque to actuate one or more microswitches.

Now actuated, these switches can be used to control the start-stop operations of conveyors, elevators, or feeders, and provide audible or visual warning signals. Actuation continues as long as the paddle motion is restricted. There’s no harm to the monitoring unit or its motor while in this stalled condition.  As soon as bin material moves away, the paddle turns freely once more and the switches are de-actuated. Model CR units mount at the top or side levels of the bin, or in both positions simultaneously to automatically control material level.

  • Cover – Cast aluminum
  • Base – Cast aluminum with 1-1/4″ NPT conduit opening.
  • Motor –  Power: 5 watts,  50/60 Hz,  1 RPM,  120Vac
  • Microswitches – 2 SP/DT, 20 amp
  • Sensitivity Adjustment – Spring tension is adjustable to product density.
  • Time Delay Adjustment – Variable to prevent false signals.
  • Clutch – Slips to prevent damage to motor gears.
  • Bearings – Sealed, permanently lubricated precision ball bearings.
  • Shaft Seal – Dust and moisture-tight. Rated 1/2 micron dust at 30 P.S.I.
  • Cover Gasket – 1/16″ thick neoprene.

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