Compact 6″ Tilt Level Probe with 25′ 16-3 SO Electrical Cable

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Model CT-200G

The Model CT-200G is a tilt probe style of level control and plugged chute detector, which is used to detect the presence or absence of dry bulk materials. The tilt probe changes its electrical state when moved or “tilted” from vertical to “horizontal”.  The Model CT tilt probe  is commonly used when other controls won’t work due to bin vibration, or actual bin walls aren’t available for mounting other controls. Typical applications include level detection in hoppers, silos, stackers, crushers and conveyor transfer points.


Technical Specifications

  • The tilt probe operational temperature is -36°F to 194°F (-37°C to 90°C).
  • 9″ heavy duty (CT-201G) or 6″ compact mild/carbon steel probes available. 9″ NON-MERCURY (CT-201GN) and 6″ NON-MERCURY (CT-200GN) also available.
  • Comes standard with 25 feet of 16-3 SO electrical cable.  Field splice for longer lengths.
  • 15° degree angular deflection off vertical is required for the probe to actuate.
  • The SP/ST switch mechanism is normally closed when vertical, and opens when “tilted”.  The switch mechanism is non-latching so it resets when the probe is allowed to be vertical again.
  • The SP/ST contact is rated for 1.5 A @ 120 VAC; 0.75 A @ 220 VAC; 1.5 A @ 5 VDC; 1 A @ 12 VDC; 0.5 A @ 24 VDC.
  • Do not hang the tilt probe by the electrical cable as this will damage the electrical conductors. Use chain, cable, or some other suspension method.
  • Do not mount the tilt probe in the direct flow of material as this will damage the device over time.

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