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Model FS Flow Switch

The Model FS Flow Switch is designed to produce a signal if the flow of material at any critical point is interrupted. This signal can then be used to correct the difficulty and/or warn the operator.

Several switches can be used, each one placed at critical points along the conveying system. A continuous flow of material past the switch holds the paddle-shaft-counter-weight assembly out of the actuated position. If flow stops, the paddle is allowed to pivot and actuate the switch.

Fully adjustable, the paddle and counterweight assemblies can be positioned at various points along the shaft and rotated to any angular position. The shaft itself will adjust laterally. Inside, the actuating cams can be rotated so that switch actuation will occur at pre-determined points.

This versatile switch can be mounted on all types of conveyors and feeders: in discharge openings of bins, bunkers, or hoppers; in angled and vertical chutes; or in discharge chutes of any configuration. It is available with aluminum housing, and in standard or explosion proof models. The paddle and shaft are both stainless steel.

The Model FS is versatile enough to be used in a variety of applications; it can provide proof that material is actually flowing from a chute onto a conveyor belt, or it can be used to actuate a misting system to reduce dust only when material is present.

20A @ 125V, 250V or 480V AC; 10A @ 125V AC inductive; 1 hp 125V AC; 2 hp 250V AC, ½ A @ 125 V DC; ¼ A @250 V DC

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