Motion Control Sensor and Target Disk Kit (200-12,000 PPM • 10mm Sensing Range)

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Remote mounted inductive sensor to monitor speed. Motion is sensed by means of induced measurable pulses produced by a ferrous metal target rotating past the sensor. Sensors and Targets are paired for optimal pulse ranges and are available for purchase separately.
If a distinctive metal target is available, sensors can be used without RMS Target. The produced pulses are converted to a digital electronic signal.

  • Sensor Type – 2 wire DC
  • Body Diameter – 30mm (1.18″)
  • Body Length – 81mm (3.19″)
  • Thread Size – M30
  • Cable Length2m (6.5″)
  • Sensing Range – 10mm (0.30″)
  • Maximum Pulse Rate – 0.6 kHZ
  • Maximum Voltage – 30 VDC
  • PPM Range – 200-1200 PPM
  • Maximum Current – 100 MA

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