20 Piece Double-Eye Cable Support

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Threadless Cable Support Eyebolt, 5/16″ x 9″ Plated (no hardware required)

The 20 Piece Double-Eye Cable Support from Safety Controls is a reliable and efficient solution for securing cables. Each support in this set features a threadless cable support eyebolt, measuring 5/16″ x 9″, and is plated for durability and resistance against corrosion. The design of these cable supports ensures easy installation without the need for additional hardware, simplifying the setup process.

This product is ideal for a wide range of applications, particularly in settings where cable management and safety are paramount. It is suitable for industrial, commercial, and construction environments, providing reliable cable support.

  • The product is designed for straightforward, tool-free installation.
  • The plating on each eyebolt provides extra strength and corrosion resistance, ensuring longevity in various environments.
  • The double-eye design offers enhanced stability and security for cables.


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